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The VAMR SIG exists to facilitate the vibrant community of developers who are actively working or conducting research in the fields of Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Realities for interactive or entertainment purposes.

The primary focus of the SIG will remain within the sphere and heritage of game development but in the interest of innovation and as a reflection of the larger community, will actively seek and welcome conversations, share resources with our neighbouring industries of Software/Apps, Film, Installation (Art), Simulation, Education, Health and Music VR/AR/MR applications.

This is an effort to seed collaborations across many different industries in which all developers can share and benefit, ultimately to contribute and further enrich expertise in the VR/AR/MR industries.


Meet the Team

The team collectively represents a varied cross section of all aspects of the greater games industry. Each member is actively involved in using VR, AR, or MR in research or production for entertainment, sciences, performance art, education, and sound, just to name a few.


Jamie Telford

Jamie Telford

Digital Specialist / Technologist

Lives in Auckland, New Zealand

With 15 years’ experience in and around the Games Industry, Jamie has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and expertise in technical art, game design and production. He currently works as a Digital Specialist with the multinational engineering consultancy Aurecon in Auckland, New Zealand.

Jamie is a Co-Founder of the IGDA Virtual Augmented & Mixed Realities Special Interest Group (IGDA VAMR SIG), a group with a mantra of diversity, run by developers for developers. The SIG seeks to expand employment opportunities for game dev professionals through promoting the skills and experience of the games industries into the emerging sector of VR/AR/MR and interactive content.

Steering Committee

Bonnie Bogovich

Bonnie Bogovich

Game Audio expert and advocate, Recording Artist, Speaker/Panelist and beyond!

Lives in United States

Bonnie has worked as audio lead on a variety interactive, educational, and entertainment projects, including VR and AR titles at Schell Games such as “I Expect You To Die” (oculus/playstation vr), “Frostbound” (Daydream), “Domino World” (Tango), and Legendary’s “Annihilator” (Cardboard).

Bonnie is an active Adisory Board member, and Social Media Manager, of the Game Audio Network Guild, serves on the steering committee of the Interactive Audio Special Interest Group, and a regular attended and speaker of conferences including GDC, GameSoundCon, MAGfest, and AES. In addition sound design, music composition and implementation, she is a voice actor, sings regularly, has founded a couple opera companies and performance projects, and is an active video game music remix artist and arranger for The Materia Collective.

Julian Pritchard

Julian Pritchard

Writer, Narrative Designer and Producer

Lives in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Julian is a post graduate student at the University of the Witwatersrand Johannesburg, Digital Arts Division. His research focuses on the bounds between the player and avatar. Otherwise Julian runs an indie studio (Punk Arcade), organises events for the Johannesburg game dev community, and teaches game development.

Ashley Pinnick

Ashley Pinnick

VR Technical Artist

Lives in San Francisco, United States.

I'm an artist & VR developer based in San Francisco. My work is driven by melding storytelling with technology, realized through creating experiences across genres and disciplines. Ever curious, I love to explore new things whenever possible.

Former Members

Sally Kellaway

Sally Kellaway

3D Audio Acoustics Expert

Lives in The World!

Sally-anne Kellaway is the Creative Director for Ossic Studios - the internal studio that develops content to showcase Ossic 3D Audio Smart Headphones. Sally is a specialist in VR Audio Design for Interactive and Linear VR media.

She is is the founder of the Virtual Reality Content Creators network for Australia (VRCC_AUS) and has a cross-discipline history of working across Games, VR and Middleware, with highlights including her time with SEGA Studios Australia, Firelight Technologies and Zero Latency VR.

Brooke Maggs

Brooke Maggs

Writer, Narrative Designer and Producer

Lives in Melbourne, Australia.

Brooke has been named in the top 100 most influential women in the Australian and New Zealand games industries, she is passionate about storytelling in many mediums, and has spoken about games and writing at many conventions including Games Connect Asia Pacific and The Melbourne Writers' Festival, and in print The Conversation and QW Magazine, and on air Radio National Books and Arts.

Brooke's specialties are: Writing and narrative design for games, creative writing practice and games studies research, environmental and emergent storytelling, management of creative projects (games, books, apps), storytelling for digital and traditional literature, teaching (workshops and lectures), public speaking and copywriting.

ALiv Erickson

Liv Erickson

Virtual Reality Developer & Evangelist

Lives in San Francisco, United States.

I build applications for augmented and virtual reality technologies, then empower others to do the same.

Developer of numerous open source virtual and augmented reality demo applications, including KittenVR, VisualData, Pacific Garbage Patch simulator, SWAPI for Meta AR, WebVR Space Photos, and a Star Wars scroll text for VR

Host and producer of Just A/VR Show, Microsoft's first virtual and augmented reality developer educational show on MSDN's Channel 9 network Author, The Matrix is my Office virtual reality developer and application blog. Startup Mentor at Boost.VC. Avid fan of public speaking and holographic kittens.


To be a member of this SIG, you must be a member of the IGDA. The IGDA is an international organisation that features many benefits for its members. Participation in official VAMR SIG activities will be limited to members.

You can join the IGDA on their website, or if you are a member already, simply add the VAMR SIG to your Special Interest Groups listing on your Profile.

The SIG is active across Social Media channels, hosts a Slack channel, and maintains a collaborative resource database for developers and researchers. These resources will grow and develop as our member base grows, so we are looking forward to having you in the community!